So, you are planning to buy some weed. You’ve done your research and you know which strain you want to buy. You have found a trustworthy dispensary close to your home. You’ve gathered all the supplies you need to make the perfect doobie. Maybe you even found a smoke kit on sale. But how do you make sure that the weed you buy is of good quality? It is very important to know how to tell a good weed from bad because smoking low-quality weed can actually be quite harmful. Here are a few things you can differentiate between the two:

  • Aroma and Taste
    One of the easiest ways to tell if the weed is good is by its smell and taste. Good weed has a distinctive aroma that is fresh and can be easily recognized. It also has a fresh taste. Bad weed, on the other hand, smells stale, almost like dried grass.
  • Seed, Stem, and Stick Content
    The three S’s, which are seeds, stems, and sticks, are an indication of bad weed. A good bud shouldn’t have any seeds. It should also be held together only by a few sticks and stems. The thicker and fresher the bud, the better.
  • Feel
    Another characteristic of good-quality marijuana is its texture. Marijuana that has been dried and cured in the right manner will be a little dry but it will also have a sticky consistency. If your stuff isn’t sticky, chances are it will burn too fast, but you should also make sure that it is not too moist. It should be a good mix of wet and dry.
  • Color
    Color is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to determine is the weed is good or bad. Good weed usually has a green color with an orange or purple tinge. If it looks brown, that means the weed contains pesticides, mold, or other undesirable substances.

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