Most stoners do nothing when they get high, but you don’t have to be necessarily one of them. Whether you smoke occasionally or daily, instead of following the same boring ‘getting high’ routine, you can try plenty of fun activities. It can be something relaxing or creative, depending on what you want to experience after achieving the ultimate hit. 

Here are some of the activities that you try with the right strain of bud and smoking essentials to heighten your smoking experiences.

Go for a walk

Have you ever stepped out after getting high? If not, go for you a walk around your neighborhood or nearby park. You will be amazed to see your surroundings in a new way. Your eyes will follow little details that you had never seen before. Motivating yourself to start walking will be a task at first, but once your step out, there will be no going back. Be keep sure to keep your products for rolling joints with you for an uninterrupted experience. 

Watch a movie

Most people just randomly set a channel and start watching when they are high. Instead of settling on any movie, look for a specific one. Plenty of them appears to be specifically created for enjoying when you’re high. Their random situations, sense of humor, and ridiculous plots will draw you in. You can also watch your favorite animated movie and get amazed by all colors and sequences. 

Play video games

Video games have the potential to make your forget about time when you are sober. Imagine playing your favorite game when you are stoned. The graphics and the gameplay will take you to a parallel universe. Completing a mission will feel so satisfying like you have actually won the war. To create a habit, start with a single player, and later ask your friends to join you. For uninterrupted experience, be sure to keep all your products for rolling joints with you.

Do yoga

As you are already in the zone mentally, why not take its advantage and do some yoga? Do some stretching to experience the stress leaving your body. Besides yoga, you can also do meditation. Concentrate on your deep breathes and feel how your body relaxed. Consider adding scented candles or aroma diffuser to create an ideal environment. 

Engage in meaningful conversations

Endless laughing episodes are surely a lot of fun, but have you ever tried steering the conversation in a different direction? After getting stoned, you can describe your deepest feelings or talk about things that you have been avoiding for long. It’s an apt moment to engage everybody and sync precisely with each other’s thoughts. 

When the mood is right, and you are high, you can do plenty of fun things and activities. While doing so, keep your products for rolling joints with you and go with the flow.

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