All smokers would agree that smoking slang is super dank. When you sit with your group to get stoned, don’t you just love looking for new ways to express yourself, more so after getting a nice high? It is not a new phenomenon though. Smoking slang has been used by stoners for decades now, some are region specific while others derive their meanings from inside jokes. You might say, knowledge of slang terms is as essential for a doobie lover as an all-in-one smoking kit

This may come as a surprise to you but there exist more than a thousand slang terms for the marijuana plant itself. At times, the meaning is quite obvious but at others not so much! If you want to enhance your smokabulary, do read on. Maybe the next time you take out your all-in-one smoking kit to fire up some doobie with your bud buddies, you can try to recall a few of them! 

Ones derived from the plant 

Herb is probably the most commonly used slang term for marijuana. It simply refers to a particular part of the plant as flower or bud does. Refer to it as shrubbery or twig the next time and see if your friends take note.

Pot doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with smoking but it does. The term has been in use from the 1930s itself and is probably derived from “potiguaya”, a Spanish word for a type of wine or brandy that has been herb steeped. 

Reefer originated from “Grifo”, another Spanish term. “Grifo” soon became a Mexican slang, “greefo” used to denote someone with disheveled or frizzy hair. Eventually, the word started being used for those who had smoked up. Today, it has evolved into reefer. 

Ganja is another popularly used slang among smokers. It is actually hemp’s Sanskrit word.

The devil’s lettuce seems interesting, doesn’t it? There is a long history that speaks of demonization of herb, so the phrase actually makes sense. 

Ones with cultural references

Bogart describes the situation where someone is hogging the smoking device or bowl. It has a reference to Humphrey Bogart who was a famous actor in the 1940s. He was popular for nursing his cigarettes for unusually long stretches. 

420 is usually understood as the best time of the day to get stoned. It was a code word for smoking used by The Waldos, a high school group, in the ‘70s. One of them went on to become a Grateful Dead roadie and the slang was popularized.  

Getting stoned basically means that the herb was so potent that you feel you hit your head with a rock! The phrase was used for the first time probably by Jack Kerouac in his novel “On the Road.” A line reads, “I had finished the wine while Terry slept, and I was properly stoned.”

Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a smoking slang wizard, if you love doobies, you must own an all-in-one smoking kit. Check us out for the perfect ones!

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