How much do you love hanging out with your doobie gang? Rolling the joint, lighting it up, and passing it around the circle! Bliss, isn’t it? You may score the best stuff out there and invest in premium smoking accessories for joints, but there is something else that you must do. That is, knowing the unofficial rules and smoking etiquette when you sit in a smoke circle. Read on and become the joint smoking sensei of your circle.

Tell your story after passing the joint.

Sometimes, someone in the group starts telling a story after taking a puff. While that is more than welcome, but don’t keep holding on to the joint. Pass it on. And then begin! Receiving a perfectly engineered joint and wasting it by reciting a never-ending tale is a sin. Tokers focus on the story, but what about running out of the cannabinoids? Puff the joint, take another puff, pass it to the next person, and start with your story.

Never slime the roach.

Seriously, don’t do it! You took out the proper smoking accessories for joints, patiently ground the doobie, and rolled the stuff. You want everyone to enjoy the experience. They won’t if they receive slimy unpleasantries! That is the recipe for a horrible smoking experience and must be always avoided. Toke the joint only with the dry part of your lips, and don’t lick the lips before taking a puff.  

Do ash the joint before you pass it.

Make it a point to ash the joint before passing it to your friend. If you don’t, there are high chances of ash spreading all over the next toker’s clothes, and he is not going to turn into a phoenix! So, when the joint’s tip is about to fall off, ash it. But do it carefully! You don’t want to ash the cherry because then you will need to light up the joint again. That way, you waste some weed. If you rolled a fatter joint, gently scrape the burned sides from the lit cherry to ash.  

Know your limits and respect the other’s too.  

Don’t make a smoking joint in your circle a competition. It is not about who can take the most number of puffs; it is about enjoying the moment with your friends, love, and peace. Encourage newbies in your circle to take it easy instead of pressurizing them into testing their limits. If you consider yourself a hardcore smoker or are in the mood of blasting your brains out, we won’t judge, but you need to respect the fact that everybody has not signed up for that voyage.  

Final words

Now that you know the essential etiquette of smoking a joint, follow them when you meet your circle for the next smoke. We hope your ganja circle flourishes and pray that you roll magical joints every single time.  

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