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Rolling on the go!

Everything you need to roll-your-own

Smoke Proper was created with the understanding that every smoker is different, and with this individuality should come the ability to customize your every smoke. Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories specializes in providing a water & scent resistant dispenser of rolling paper by the roll. Our kit also includes hidden smoking essentials that make the art of rolling your own easy and convenient. Our unique paper dispenser allows a user the convenience of choosing their own custom desired length of paper with every use. This means you no longer have to decide between the various (slim, regular, double wide, and king size) precut booklets of papers, instead you are ready to roll any size depending on your mood. Our market would be anyone who rolls-their- own, but more specifically we have created this product inspired for those who are active in the outdoors, are on the go traveling, or who would benefit by having their smoking needs all-in- one easy to use device.


Smoke Proper – Rolling Accessories

Our new design is our first product we have launched and is intended to be the first in a series of products

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