Smoking Rolling Kit + 2 Free Rolls

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One fully equipped smoke proper rolling kit; each unit comes with two filter tips, rolling papers by the roll, tweezer/poker, herb storage area, lighter & pre-roll storage, stickers, postcards, etc.

Each order comes included with: 24ft of rolling paper, just Rip it, Roll it, Roast it!!

(15ft/ 5 meters) of Elements Slim Width papers.

(9ft/ 3 meters) of RAW Kingsize Classic by the roll.

Customize and select the length of your rolling paper with every smoke, just unlock the dispenser, choose your size, relock & make a rip on the serrated edge, sprinkle in your ground product, roll one, and of course roast one!

Part Description Breakdown:

Outer shell: This cylinder is the first line of defense against water and moisture and protects the inner mechanisms by snapping into a water-resistant seal. The outer cylinder doubles as a large dry product storage area or fits a lighter and pre-rollers.

Snubber: Say goodbye to the days of putting out your burning ember on the back of a lighter, your shoe, or a flat surface, instead of this cone design immediately cuts off the oxygen to your rolled product. This, more importantly, will make relighting your product that much easier and cleaner. Whether you need to put an ember out safely, or you are trying to conserve product the snubber is a quick fix.

Inner shell: This cylinder has an open horizontal slit down the side that allows for inserting a new roll of rolling paper and guiding them into place to be dispensed. This patented design allows the product to lock and unlock the papers simply by unscrewing a quarter turn.

Rolling Papers: Our dispenser fits the top brands of rolling paper by the roll. Buy the durable plastic dispenser just once, this comes with 2 rolls of rolling paper included, all a customer has to do is purchase a new refill roll when they are out. Product fits Elements (single wide, slim width, &; kingsize) rolls, as well as (king size) RAW papers by the roll.

Tweezers: The tweezer tool helps to eliminate discomfort when you’re at the remainder of your smoke and the ember is burning close to your fingers. The tweezers also double as a poker when preparing your smoke. Finally, they are great when you what to easily pass a lit one to a friend without fear of his/her butterfingers.

Small dry storage area: This storage compartment is water & scent resistant and is made to carry pre-ground tobacco or dry product for a day trip or an emergency stash.

Universal cap: This end cap keeps your tobacco or dry product sealed, scent resistant, and doubles as the cap to the outer shell as well if you want to create a larger dry storage compartment.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 1 in

5 reviews for Smoking Rolling Kit + 2 Free Rolls

  1. Kyle window

    Literally has everything you need for rolling a joint it lets you dispense as long of rolling papers you need me and my buddies made one that was like eight inches just for fun, It also has a snubber that literally puts out any joint in like 2 seconds it’s amazing, definitely recommend and the roach clip is a nice touch too

  2. brenna_rothenberg

    This rolling kit has everything! It takes a little bit of time to get used to, but once you figure it out it makes it so easy. It’s so perfect for rolling any joint, any size and especially on the go.

  3. Connor Grant (verified owner)

    I’ve never used this kind of paper before but it’s very easy to figure out. This is one of the most useful accessories I own and I tell everyone who asks about it. Super easy to use, super portable, and great for when I’m down at the lake. 10/10 would definitely buy again.

  4. Erica (verified owner)

    I got this kit on 420 during quarantine and it finally ran out of paper and fell apart…. years! I tell everyone about this product, I absolutely love it. Definitely worth the money.

  5. Eric Osborne

    Essential for rolling!!

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