Saddle – Smoke Proper Hoodie

Shout outs to Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) the owner of (@Barstoolsports) as he gets his first taste of a Smoke Proper Hoodie! We got super lucky, here is a little back story…. As some of you may know Dave does hilarious pizza reviews all over the US, however after the COVID19 hurdle he has been forced to adapt his pizza reviews to be confined at home doing live “frozen pizza” reviews. However luck as it may be presented itself in a marketing opportunity when Dave (El Prez as he is called) mistakenly leaked his home address while doing a live pizza review. Now fans and businesses all over the US are actually showing Dave love by showering him with packages daily in hopes for a shout out or a laugh.

We took a shot in the dark and assumed that the King of Barstools might benefit from a little stress relief and the ability to roll his own joint, so we loaded him up with a whole box of Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories and then some. We included a box of 12 RAW kingsize rolls, a RAW Daze of the week rolling tray, 6 Smoke Proper units, 2 badass large SmokeProper grinders, a tank top, a t-shirt, a Smoke Break Hoodie, lighters, and a OG Louie the XIII preroll he could get the spins on in Nantucket by the pool lol.

For all the “ganja” smokers out there who like the “Devil’s lettuce” we encourage you to visit our site and load up on your smoking accessories and apparel. New clothing dropping soon.

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