There’s always a pro roller in every smoking circle who can twist the perfect rolling experience for the fellow smokers without even acknowledging the hiccups on the way. We are talking about that one person who can roll a perfect one anywhere anytime- on a windy road, in a barely lit parking lot- you name it and it’ll be done! If this has got you wondering whether you can ever match up to these pro-level skills, we say why not? Buy a rolling smoking kit online and let us tell you about these 5 essential rolling tips that pro rollers use to perfect their masterpieces.

Choose your paper well– Forget gas-station buys and pre-rolls. Your choice of rolling paper has a lot to do with the flavor and rolling style. Your choice of rolling paper has a lot to do with your health too. Why settle for chemically enhanced rollers when our rolling smoking kit online has the best natural solutions ready for you? We are talking about natural hemp with a slow-burn rate and an easy rolling ability.

Roll right– Even with the most organic rolling paper in your hand, you can still mess up your roll if you don’t have the right grip over it. How to fix that and make your rolls come out perfect? A little organizational skill is all you need. Instead of lining the stuff straight (pinner-style), organize it in a cone-style using your fingertips. Maximizing the rolling paper size while getting a powerful hit is that easy!

Don’t roll crinkly ones– If you see a small crinkle after the first tuck-in, don’t worry, it’s fine and fixable. Use one hand to hold the tucked part in place and use the other hand to softly pull the paper from the tip. Be gentle but create sufficient tension in the paper to smooth it out completely. This step is all the more important if you have a seamless cone shape in mind.

Roll inside out– A bit difficult if you’re a newbie in this filed, but once you master it there’s no going back. Rolling inside out is one of the best ways to decrease the burn rate. After all, everyone wants a long-lasting smoking experience, don’t we? However, you need to master the traditional technique first and once you do, picking up on this skill will be really easy.

Grind well– The key to rolling a perfect one is thorough grinding. We are not talking about manual hand grinding. Using a grinder is often suggested as it can evenly distribute the stuff without you spending time and effort. If you don’t have one yet, you can always shop a comprehensive rolling smoking kit online which includes all these bare basics.

Rolling like a pro is not as hard as you think. With these few tips by your side and some much-needed practice, we are sure you can ace this skill without any hassle.

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