A good rolling paper enhances the smoking experience, when it is made of natural ingredients. For cannabis smokers, different types of papers are available on Smokerproper. Besides excellent rolling paper dispensers, it is a one-stop destination for varied smoking accessories on wholesale prices. Despite the availability of multiple smoking alternatives, smokers like to stick to well-rolled joints. A traditional paper, used for rolling cannabis, is made of either rice, hemp, or wood pulp. The taste and buring speed of each kind of paper is different. If you are not aware of rolling paper, here are a few characteristics that will help you identify.

White and Brown Paper
The burning rate and ventilation in a rolled joint are controlled by porosity. Sometimes, rolling papers contain additional substances to minimize the speed of burning. In the white rolling paper, the presence of calcium carbonate or chlorine is the major reason that slows down the burning. You will find the same in colored and flavored rolling papers. At Smokeproper, you get rolling papers that are not chemically treated and thus, cause no possible harm to your health.

Rice Paper
At Smokeproper, you will find the best rice papers to roll cannabis. They are prepared with pressed rice, so, basically what you consume is all-natural. These papers are thin and do not cause harm to your lungs. Being delicate, you may need to give extra attention to the joint. Also, you have to keep the papers away from damp air, especially when it is raining. Though papers are thin, they burn slowly. In other words, you can enjoy this all-natural ingredient-made roll for a longer time.

These papers are made of hemp fiber, therefore, they save trees and are environment-friendly. The color is light brown because of the fiber, and papers are thick and rough in comparison to rice papers. For this reason, they offer a good grip when you smoke. As they also tend to absorb moisture, you have to keep them away from humidity. The burning rate is medium but doesn’t last longer than a roll made of a rice paper.

Wood Pulp
Wood Pulp papers are created after blending several fibers to create a texture that can be easily held. The papers are thick and sometimes bleached. As they hold the shape firmly, they can be used in humid weather. The burning rate is medium.

If you want to buy rice papers of the highest quality, Smoke proper is the right way to go. Here, you will find smoking accessories at wholesale cost for the best smoking experience.

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