With multiple brands now having divergent tobacco rolling papers for sale, getting your hands on a quality-grade rolling paper of your choice may not be as difficult as it used to be. But that brings us to the burning question, why are people leaning towards natural rolling paper more than the commercial store-bought ones?

The recent cigarette rolling paper market saw a huge shift from normal rolling papers to raw ones but there’s a particularly incredible reason behind this shift. Have you ever had a bad aftertaste lingering in your mouth right after you’ve doused your rolled cigarette? That’s because normal rolling papers are bleached with chlorine that leaves a bad after-taste in your mouth. On the other hand, the best rolling paper for tobacco are considered to be the ones that have no chlorine content in them, but that’s not all. Raw rolling papers usually come in varying types and if you’re looking for a refined smoking experience, here’s what you need to know –

  • Raw Classic Rolling papers usually come with a signature criss-cross watermark that helps you with a smooth even burn.
  • Raw Natural Rolling papers are usually pre-cut allowing you to effortlessly roll your cigarettes.
  • Raw Organic Hemp Rolling papers use natural gum and are completely light-weight and naturally-made without pesticide or fertilizer usage.
  • Raw Pre-rolled Cones are for the lazy days when you don’t want to hassle yourself with the hard work of cutting or rolling. All you have to do is fill them, and you’re done!

However, rolling a cigarette can be quite a hassle without the perfect accessories smoothing out the process for you. There are tobacco grinders, filter papers, rolling papers, and more. If you’re wondering whether you should just buy smoking accessories online or not, we’d rather say that’s an incredible idea too! Just get yourself a rolling kit that comes with the basic rolling accessories and you’re all set!

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