If you could design the ideal joint case that allowed you to store your herb and papers and have all the tools you needed to enjoy a smoke wherever you went, what would you add?

At Smoke Proper, we spent a lot of time considering what we needed. We wanted to design the ideal joint mini case, and rolling kit to be small and compact, but also contain more than just the basics. We wanted to have a convenient case that provided all the required tools and supplies we needed, but to also be discrete and easy to carry in a pocket or a purse.

The result is our portable joint rolling kit and joint mini case combination. Taking just a minute to consider the benefits of the options and components we have designed into this kit makes it easy to see why it is the most popular rolling kit on the market.

Practical and Full of Tools

One of the leading benefits of our joint mini case and rolling kit combination is the list of tools that come as part of the product. In addition to a waterproof outer case that is perfect for storing herb, tobacco, lighters, or even pre-rolled cigarettes or joints, we also offer an inner case.

This inner case is the rolling system. It can utilize the top brands of rolls of rolling papers. Using rolls of paper rather than pre-cut sheets of rolling paper allows for customization of the joint or cigarette, allowing our customers the freedom to roll the right size of smoke.

Tools also include a snubber, tweezers, and a small dry storage area that is also resistant to scent escaping from the case, perfect for the discreet storage of any products.

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