One of the reasons that Smoke Proper was started was to provide our customers with the best quality products to enhance their smoking enjoyment. This included creating a line of products that offered flexibility, versatility, and easy use no matter where our customers wanted to enjoy a smoke.

To address the issue with rolling joints outside of the home, we created a unique product in our portable joint roller kit. Small, compact, and discrete, this is one of our top selling items, offering a full joint rolling solution in a handy, easy to use design.

The Kit Contents

The first thing customers notice about our portable joint roller is the complete set of tools we offer as part of the kit. This eliminates the need to carry an additional supply case, as you will find everything you need from rolling papers, filter tips, tweezers, storage area for tobacco or herb, as well as a place to store your lighter and any other small supplies you may want to carry.

The portable joint roller has an inner and outer shell design, with the outer shell providing a water resistant cover for both dry product storage as well as for your lighter and any pre-rollers you may want to transport.

There is also a snubber provided, which helps to quickly put out the joint, and allows for easy lighting at another time. All aspects of this kit have been carefully designed to ensure you have everything you need when and where you need it.

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