Go to any part of the world and you will find that every smoking group has one official roller – the one everyone turns to when they are in the mood for some high. That rolling genius can effortlessly twist the perfect doobie, sometimes without throwing even a slight glance at it. And what happens when he or she is not present? The group is overtaken by frenzy, with everyone scrambling to assemble a smokable blunt. And once they assemble the joint, they start googling “how to put out a pre-roll” so that they can save the joint for later so as not to go through the rolling fiasco again. This is exactly why knowing how to roll is a crucial skill.

Rolling a joint does not have to be overwhelming. Armed with some information and a little bit of practice, you can easily craft a beautiful joint that will give you a great smoking experience. Here some tips for you to improve your rolling expertise:

1. Do not skimp on the rolling paper.

Did you know that the quality of your rolling paper can affect the flavor of your joint? So, the cheap paper you pick up at the gas station will just not do. The best rolling papers are either made of rice or hemp. Hemp is the best option for beginners because it is the easiest to roll with and stay lit for a long time.

2. Grind the weed smoothly.

All your joint rolling attempts will simply be a futile exercise if the ground weed is not smooth. For an even grinding action, invest in a metal grinder. They are also more durable than plastic and wooden grinders.

3. Do not forgo a crutch.

If you are repulsed by soggy ends, a crutch is your savior. It is simply a tool that is used as a handle to hold the joint. It also optimizes the airflow for a smooth draw. You can either buy a glass or a wooden crutch or make one. Thin cardboard or business cards are the best materials for a DIY crutch.

4. Patience is key.

Arrange the weed slowly on the paper because it is very difficult to roll when the stuff is all over the place. Gently roll the paperback and forth between your fingers so that the weed can hold a cylindrical shape. Never rush through the rolling process. Doing so will only cause you to end up with a loose joint that will burn up in seconds.

5. You should know the right way to light your doobie.

Unlike a cigarette, do not light your joint at one go. You must roll the joint gently while you increase the direct heat. This will allow your joint to burn evenly and for longer.
Rolling some dried herbs into a piece of paper may sound like the easiest of tasks, but the best rollers know that the devil is in the details. So, do not be reluctant to devote all the effort that you need to perfect the craft.

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