The rolling paper choice is as important as the selection of materials you choose to smoke. Just like how you prefer only premium-grade rolling tobacco for smoking, the same way you should hand-pick your rolling paper choices. However, with options galore, people often end up buying rolling papers that are either low in quality or degrade with time. Selecting the best rolling paper for tobacco is not that hard, but only if you can keep these 4 buying mistakes at bay.

  • Going in uninformed– Not a newbie mistake. You’d be surprised as to how many pro smokers are still out there struggling with the type of role they need. With the market sporting options galore, choosing the best roll is getting a little fuzzy with each day. However, this is nothing a little research can’t help you out with. You can always look up proper rolling paper types online and if you’re lucky enough, the best brands may even have your favorite tobacco rolling papers for sale. Choosing thicker rolls over thin ones- Here’s a common smoking myth we are about to bust. The popular belief is, a thicker rolling paper will burn less, increasing your smoking time significantly. The truth, however, couldn’t be more different. We are not just talking about scientists revealing how thicker rolling papers are usually a gateway to lung and throat diseases. We are also talking about how it has been proven that a thinner rolling paper has a slow burn-rate as compared to a thicker one.
  • Choosing price over quality-Cheaper is not the way to go. A lot of smokers often tend to budget out their purchases by opting for rolling papers and tobacco that is cheap in quality and a lot in quantity. However, keeping the adverse health effects that come along with cheaply priced rolling paper, we suggest trying to balance out your smoking, using premium quality resources every time you let one burn.
  • Choosing chemicals over natural– The market is full of synthetic made rolling papers using harmful fiber that chemically sound and health-wise toxic. However, RAW hemp or organic rolling papers, on the other hand, are made especially keeping the chemical toxicity in mind. If you have trouble locating a local store who sells organic hemp rolling paper, you can buy smoking accessories online from verified online shops that specialize in these rolling papers and refined smoking experiences.

Smoking hand-rolled joints are not just about using quality material. Refining the smoking experience counts too. If you’ve always been the type that prefers quality over anything else, you’ll find this piece relatable. Keep these mistakes away and hand-pick your smoking experience effortlessly.

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