What does a stoner want? A complete collection of good doobie smoking accessories to achieve ultimate experience. Most smokers spend enough time to research and gather smoking essentials to create perfect doobie storage for themselves.

There is no limit to devices and tools that make smoking easy, efficient, and entertaining. If you’re not sure where to start from, we have created a list of items that you need for a perfect smoking kit.

Rolling Paper Kit

Rolling papers are certainly one of the most important doobie smoking accessories. Before fascinating a gadget, a stoner must master the skill of rolling joints. If you don’t know how to roll doobies properly, you can’t create a tightly-packed joint roll, which is important to achieve the ultimate hit. Do your homework on different types of rolling papers to find the taste that you like the most. Once you’re done with rolling papers, make sure to invest in filters. Though a filter is an overlooked aspect of a joint, it makes draws sweeter, prevents you from inhaling nasty plant matter, and allows you joint to burn longer.


From plastic to aluminum, a wide variety of grinders is available in the market. While some prefer plastic grinders because these are super-cheap, others prefer aluminum that is better than plastic in many ways. An aluminum grinder lasts long, doesn’t retain residue or smell, and is easy to clean. Another reason why aluminum grinder is a preferred choice among smokers is the virtually scratch-resistant surface that looks cooler than low-quality plastic.

Stash Box

Although most stoners don’t find stash box important, it’s an essential smoking accessory with multiple benefits. When you want to keep your prized marijuana safe from prying eyes, nothing is better than storing it in a stash box. Besides a weed stash box is specifically designed to keep buds fresh for longer. If you’re a hard-core stoner, we don’t have to tell you a quality weed needs a quality doobie storage box. This accessory comes handy when you’re traveling. Besides retaining the weed’s dankness, the box prevents buds to fall out and ruin other items in your bag.

Lighter and Ashtray

A responsible stoner always carries his own lighter in the pocket. There are multiple options available in the market to choose from. Even you can consider buying a pair, just in case you lose one, you’ll have another to keep enjoying the smoke, without hindrance. If you’re an indoor smoker, make sure you invest in an ashtray. Keep your home clean and discard the ash only in the ash-container. This creates less mess while you focus more on your smoke.

Eye Drops

When you don’t want red-eye effect after a heavy stoner day, invest in eye drops to cure your eyes in the same instance. But before you randomly take a pick, do your research to find the right eye drops as per your needs. Take notice of your conditions; if you have dry and burning eyes or red and watery eyes; purchase the eye-drops accordingly.

Always remember to invest in quality products no matter what smoking accessories you’re planning to buy for the best smoking experience.

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